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Developer Conference - what will you learn on day#2

The second day of the Developer Conference will be as packed as the first one. Hopefully the party on Friday night won’t make any harm on the attendance of first sessions. The opening session in track#1 are managed by our tools guys - Marek Poláček, Jan Kratochvíl and Jakub Jelínek will in two slots guide you thru prelink, elf, news in gdb and gcc. Next two session in track#1 start the desktop track. Matthias Clasen and Jonathan Blandford are both developers directly involved in Gnome development. Matthias will start with GTK+ 3 and it’s future, Jonathan will continue with planned features for next Gnome 3.x release and integration of Spice within the desktop.

The track#2 will be open by Jared Smith, Fedora Project Leader. His talk will stress the importance of upstream development and how Fedora has a key role in this ecosystem. Talk is focused on all Fedora maintainers and developers. The rest of the day in track#2 belongs to kernel developers. First on the stage is Lukas Czerner, talking about btrfs. Lukas promised to give a little background on why do we need yet another filesystem. Lukas works mostly on ext4 and will compare btrfs not only with ext4/lvm but also other filesystems. Next on the stage is Jaroslav “perex” Kysela. Some time ago (IIRC it was in 1998) Jaroslav started the ALSA project. His talk will be about HDA - High Definitiona Audio and progress on the kernel driver. Next talk is still open, we have confirmation from the oVirt folks that they will show up and give a talk their virtualization management app, but details are still missing.

Afternoon in track#1 continues with desktop sessions. Hand De Geode is Spice developer, his recent project integrates usb redirection support into Spice. If you haven’t seen Spice in action yet, Hans will hopefully give some nice demos. Tomeu Vizoso is one more GTK developer talking at the conference. His talk will be about application development with Python and GObject Introspection. On the other hand, Shaun McCane, works in the documentation team keeping the GNOME docs updated and live. He will talk about GNOME Help System. The day will continue with Jaroslav Reznik and little bit from others desktops as well, in this case from KDE. Jaroslav works in KDE upstream, is active Fedora Board member and maintains KDE in Fedora. He will introduce Qt5 project and what are the new and planned enhancements in this toolkit. After this talk Jared Smith continues with his second talk, this time about docbook and publican and how to generate documentation into various formats starting from web pages to manual pages. Last talk in track#1 is open for speakers from university. Fedora and Red Hat has couple projects running together with folks at university and some of this projects will be described during the last session of the day.

Track #2 continues with the kernel session. Bryn Reeves will start with his second talk, again inspired by his supporting job. This time about LVM, raid and how to backup, snapshot and restore the data. We will continue with LVM talk from Tom Coughlan. Tom runs the Storage group at Red Hat and will uncover the enterprise strategy for storage. His colleagues Milan Broz, Joe and Zdeněk will continue with two talks, one about thin provisioning and snapshoting with device mapper and the other one about disk encryption, why and how to use it. Another talk about filesystems will be done by Edward who worked already on several filesystems and will give a brief comparission of what we have in Linux and what we should have. Jirka Pirko will end the kernel track with a talk about project libteam, about networking devices in general and bonding.

In track #3 the morning starts with several Cloud related talks. Michal and Francesco are both deltacloud developers who deal with different Cloud provider’s APIs. Their talk will show on practical examples who different cloud providers offer and how deltacloud covers them all. Mladen Turk is apache developer who will introduce apache news for cloud providers and users. Niels De Vos will continue with introduction of GlusterFS from the developer point of view. For those who haven’t heard about Gluster yet, this talk is a must.

The party continues even after last talk. The Free movies session will show couple movies rendered purely with open source tools. During both days there will not only be talks but also lab sessions and a free room which everyone can book for a team meeting, small hacking session or a just grouping interested people for additional chat about projects.
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