rvokal (rvokal) wrote,

Linux Developers and Users Conference 2009 in Brno

If you don't have any plans for September 10th and 11th, plan a trip to Czech Republic! Red Hat Czech is organizing an open conference in Brno - Red Hat Developer Conference 2009. Conference is bringing presentations and hackfest sessions/hands-on labs for skilled users, admins and Linux and Java developers. The list of presentations has several interesting topics, mostly covered be people directly involved in upstream development of these particular projects. For example KDE4, talks about system config utilities rewrite, Gnome 3.0, lot of topics from JBoss group, talk about Systemtap and debuggers in general, details from RPM development etc. The full list of presentations is on the conference wiki page.

The plan is to base this event on the great success we had with FUDCon last year. In addition, plan is to extend the experience for hands-on lab (similar to hackfest session, little bit more prepared and organized). One of the hands-on labs will be focused on Power Management and tips'n'tricks how a programmer should thing about power consumption when writing an application.

Bookmark the link to its wiki page, more information will follow shortly - http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/DeveloperConference2009. See you all there!
Tags: developer conference, fedora, linux
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