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Developer Conference 2013 - Call for papers is over - interesting speakers

Hi everyone, the call for participation for Developer Conference 2013 in Brno, Czech Republic is over. And I must admit that it's going to be a really hard taks to pick the best ones for this event. Looking at the list of names and list of talks, everyone who proposed talk is either a good developer, huge linux fan or specialist in his field of expertise. So what do we have on the list ... altogether we have 117 proposed sessions, out of that 21 labs, 20 short talks and 81 presentations! That's amazing number, big thanks to all who sumbitted their proposals. Within next two weeks me and a group of selected people from various teams and projects will go thru this list, get in touch with people where we would like to fine tune the abstracts and create version 0.1 of the February schedule.

If you're already curios what we will have for you, here is a list of interesting speakers that are already confirmed to come - some names are quite well known including Dan Walsh, Simo Sorce, Dmitri Pal, "Spot", Pavel Tisnovsky, Jaroslav Reznik, Marcela Maslanova, Lukas Czerner, Jakub Steiner, Lennart Poettering, Harald Hoye, Hans de Geode, Thomas Woerner or Rainer Gerhards. From the list of talks, we have 9 proposed kernel sessions, 18 Core/Fedora/OS sessions, 25 various JBoss sessions, 10 sessions related to Security and Identity management, 13 Virtualization and Cloud topics and various others. Also we list hackfest session on OpenShift, JVM, SELinux, JBoss Developer Framework, QML, CIM and others.

Altogether it's going to be a packed event and I'm really looking forward to it. Book your tickets, stay tuned for more updates.
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